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Image de Christin Hume

With more than 30 years of experience on Mac computers, I have been offering my services since 2009 to a clientele composed mainly of retired people. However, I can help all types of users, no matter their level of proficiency in computers.


The knowledge I have acquired allows me to advise you before buying hardware or software, to teach you how to perform different tasks, to find the solution to your computer problems, or to automate, thanks to programming, simple or complex tasks that you have to perform frequently.

I'm also skilled at retouching and coloring photos, from which I can create albums, calendars, posters, paintings, coffee mugs and coasters, as well as personalized mouse pads.


My problem-solving skills and my competencies in many fields of art and computer science come from my continuous quest for personal enrichment and from the many jobs I've held over the years. You can check out my resume on LinkedIn if you are curious.

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