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These days, we have many choices and few reliable sources of information. You should know, for example, that most reviews on the Internet are a form of advertising in disguise. That's why it's essential to know people who are qualified and experienced to help us make the right choices. Never forget that the purpose of a salesperson is to sell and that your brother-in-law or nephew may not have the skills, experience or objectivity to advise you.


As far as I am concerned, I can advise you before buying computer hardware or software, but also on the measures to take to protect yourself from computer threats or on any other computer issue. Some tips can save you money, like choosing the right printer for your needs, others can prevent the loss of your data (documents, photos, videos and others), others can prevent malicious people from stealing your identity. In other words, good advice is worth its weight in gold.


In the case of purchasing advice, I start by establishing the reason for the purchase and whether it fits the purpose. I also assess whether that purpose is likely to change in the future and whether the solution chosen today will be able to evolve. The goal is to ensure that the purchase will be one that is well thought out.


If you live within walking distance, I can come to you. If necessary, I can also receive you at my apartment. Normally, however, the assistance is done remotely using AnyDesk software. It is free, easy to install, and secure. I invite you to download it before calling me. If needed, I will guide you through the installation, as there are options to activate in Preferences/System Settings.

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