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What I provide is training that is focused on your needs. In concrete terms, this means that I teach you only what you need to know to achieve what you want to do. I do this because I believe that what you learn is what you put into practice. 


I start by asking questions to determine your computer skills and the task you want to accomplish. Then, I discuss with you the best way to achieve your goals. Finally, I work with you through all the steps required to complete your project. The objective is to provide you with the knowledge required to continue to work on your project by yourself.


However, if this is your first Mac and you have little or no computer knowledge, I can of course help you get familiar with the computer. To this end, we will customize the computer according to your preferences and we will go through the applications provided by Apple. This way you will have a better idea of the functioning and possibilities of your Mac.


If you live within walking distance, I can come to you. If necessary, I can also receive you at my apartment. Normally, however, the assistance is done remotely using AnyDesk software. It is free, easy to install, and secure. I invite you to download it before calling me. If needed, I will guide you through the installation, as there are options to activate in Preferences/System Settings.

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